New pegasus type spyware Hermit spyware is dangerous

 Hermit spyware

New pegasus type spyware Hermit spyware is dangerous

After Pegasus spyware another spying software has popped up and is subject of discussions these days. It is being reported that this spyware also targets the android devices as well as the iOS devices. The devices that were attacked were found in Italy and Kazakhstan.

Hermit spyware is built in the Italian Vendor Rcs Lab

Hermit trojan spyware is capable of spying on the device it gets installed and will be able to record the audio of the device. Not only that it can also make unauthorized calls and many other unauthorized activities like stealing user personal data eg. email details, contacts, browser bookmarks, calendar events etc. It can capture photos, upload files from the device as well as read notifications and also record the screen. It can also reinstall apps eg, WhatsApp, telegram etc. According to Google a unique link gets sent to the victims device to install hermit. When the user clicks on this unique link the spyware gets installed on the device.

Another tactic was to send links to convincing, rogue versions of popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram which, again, resulted in the target's phone being infected.

This attack when done properly can fool anyone. Malicious link via SMS is also send to victims device.

Attackers are using zero-day vulnerabilities (that haven't yet been patched) and other dangerous exploits in Android and iOS code to deploy malware that can take control over someone's iOS or Android device.

According to TAG, these attacks and malware are used by RCS Lab, an Italian company that says it works with governments (its tagline is that they "provide technological solutions and give technical support to the Lawful Enforcement Agencies worldwide.") 

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company said it "exports its products in compliance with both national and European rules and regulations" and that "any sales or implementation of products is performed only after receiving an official authorization from the competent authorities."

These type of spyware are very expensive to operate hence it would fair to assume that specific targets such as politicians, journalists and activists will be targeted.

 It is described in great detail by Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG)

 Security Firm Lookout  reported it first.

Pegasus spyware 

It is a software created by an Israeli company called NSO Group and the company says it's designed to track terrorists. NSO group is an Israeli cyber-surveillance company.

Pegasus was discovered in August 2016 after a failed attempt of installation on the phone (iPhone) of a human rights activist led to an investigation that disclosed  details about the spyware, its abilities, and the security vulnerabilities that it exploited. 

News of the Pegasus spyware caused  a lot of  media coverage.

The spyware has been used for spying of anti-regime activists, journalists, and political leaders from many nations around the world.

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                 New pegasus type spyware Hermit spyware is dangerous

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