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Technology has made a vast advancement in the life of human beings. With each and every year passing by, technology is advancing at fast pace. As a result new areas of interests are emerging like computer science, IT, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence etc. Technology has helped us to not only mobilize our economy but also eased ways of communication, travelling, IT, medicine, space, robotics, education etc.
In every sphere of life you can imagine it is incomplete without technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Now lets talk about A.I. (artificial intelligence)- as the name suggests it is the process where computers are made capable of understanding just like humans are capable of and perform the same through programming.
The year 1995 is marked as the beginning of artificial intelligence.

There are and can be many uses of artificial intelligence one of which is ai technology powered pet robot known as emo pet which happens to be a machine learning artificial intelligence.

Emo pet

Emo pet is a cute desktop pet robot equipped with artificial intelligence, fun ideas and lot of personalities to keep you entertained.
Emo pet will talk to you, brighten up your mood, play games with you, loves to learn about his surroundings, will play your favorite songs this adorable robot can do it all. Emo pet is actually successor to robot pet vector which is little bit similar but has less features than emo pet.
Emo pet comes in emo box which includes emo bot pet, adapter, emo smart light, wireless charging skateboard and user manual.

Features of Emo pet:

1. To get emo pet abb robot started first you need to install all emo mobile applications from app store or google play store.
Connect emo with the app and configure the network. Keep in mind this desktop pet is not 5g enabled.
It only connects to 4g wifi. Once you set the configuration, it will connect automatically.
Introduce yourself to emo by saying hello. It will ask your name, talk to your pet robot and it will get ready to know you.

2. Emo pet will walk and navigate its surroundings  without falling over as it has drop sensors in its feet. It is aware of edges and will never trip, just keep in mind the edges of the table should not be soft rounded as it is not recommended. Are we progressing towards having  proper humanoid robot as workers for home or elsewhere !?

3. Some of the fun interaction with this pet includes picking emo up, shaking emo to dizziness trying to push it off edge will get this robot annoyed. You can see emo robot get angry. To get cute interaction, gently  pat the head of emo, it likes gentle pat every now and then.

4. Emo pet has many personalities - happy, angry, annoyed, cheerful etc. it solely depends on how you interact with it as it is machine learning artificial intelligence.

5. Emo pet will wish you on your birthday, will tell you how the weather is when you ask it, can set timer and can even play by itself if you 'll tell it.

6. What's really interesting and different about this A I robot that it responds to your touch so well it responds back. There is touch sensor o its head which allows it  to sense physical touch, as I said earlier  just pat on top of its head, you will get a adorable reaction.

7. Emo comes with self learning system that enables it to navigate and learn about its environment and perceive everything  that surrounds it.

8. Emo is capable of recognizing you and remember your face through facial recognition software built in this emo pet's  A.I. It can click your photo on command.

9. Emo pet comes with emo smart light. Simply tell emo to turn on the light and it will turn on. It supports four colors, there is manual touch as well.

10. Emo comes with 5W wireless charger skateboard, align emo's feet with charging coil magnet in the skateboard and it will start to charge. It takes up to 2.5 hrs to fully charge its battery and can last upto 3 hours. Tell emo to go to sleep and it will go to sleep.
emo robot price in india


Concluding abut emo robot pet, all I want to say is that EMO is really cute companion pet robot that is significantly different compared to other ai based robot. While you are busy working on your computer this emo robot will continue to explore its surroundings, analyze its environment and keep you accompanied. It will cheer you up in little breaks you want to take in between your work. With endless personalities, cute gestures, this emo robot will play games with you, dance while playing music, respond to your commands, shows variety of emotions- it is guaranteed to keep you entertained. There are several accessories that you can buy for this emo robot.

What is emo robot price in India?

If you are wondering what is the price of this popular EMO robot well that is 279$ or  20687.85 rupees in INR.  You can buy it at less price as now the product is being sold at a lower price. You can purchase this AI pet emo robot from its official store Living AI. Just enter its official website and place an order to make your purchase for this emo robot pet.


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