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 myocarditis and myocarditis symptoms

heart inflammation symptoms, myocarditis causes, inflammation of the heart muscle

what is myocarditis?

Myocarditis is defined  as cardiovascular disease that is associated with chest pain, sudden death or heart failure.
Inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium) is the main cause due to viral infection like flu, herpes virus six, adenovirus, Coxsackie virus etc.
Autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or radiation exposure can also be the cause.
Between 0.5 and 3.5 percent of heart failure cases that lead to hospitalizations are due to myocarditis. Most cases of myocarditis are found in young adults with males affected more often than females.
Myocarditis is most regularly diagnosed in younger adults in the ages of 20 and 40 years. Children however seem to have a more severe reaction and risk than adults.
 Cardiac sarcoidosis (form of myocarditis) , are more common in black than white persons in the United States.  Myocarditis can be acute or chronic. For most cases in routine clinical practice a specific etiology is not found.

Its inflammation of heart

Myocarditis is a medical health condition that occurs when the heart becomes inflamed. The most common symptom of myocarditis is shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include chest pain, fever, and weight loss. If myocarditis is not treated, it can lead to heart failure.

Myocarditis symptoms

Often Myocarditis has no symptoms and often many people recover and become healthy. Most people dint even knew that they even had it.
The symptoms of myocarditis are similar to the symptoms of more common heart disorders for example sensation of tightness or squeezing in the chest that is present with rest and with exertion.
 The inflammation also affects the outer lining of the heart known as pericardium as well as the heart muscle. Inflammation can also cause irregular or extra beats.  Irregular heart beats may lead to lightheadedness or even loss of consciousness. Myocarditis-related arrhythmia is an important cause of death in children and young athletes (physical fitness enthusiast) resulting in Sudden death.

Most cases of myocarditis are described as mild and improves with the standard medical practices focused at correcting abnormal heart rhythms or heart health. 
In some of the cases the symptoms do not improve and reoccur.

Symptoms might include the following:

1. Shortness of breath
2. Fatigue
3. Sore throat
4. Diarrhea
5. Joint Pain
6. Swollen Joints
7. Small amounts of urine
8. Headache
9. Fever
10. Muscle ache 
11. Appetite  loss
12. Unable to exercise 
13. Abnormality in heart rhythm.

Myocarditis is usually diagnosed by taking a blood sample to test for signs of inflammation. If the blood sample shows signs of inflammation, the doctor may also perform a echocardiogram to see if the heart has abnormalities.

Treatment for myocarditis may involve antibiotics, rest, and analgesics. If the myocarditis is severe, the doctor may also recommend heart surgery.

Myocarditis is a serious health condition that requires immediate treatment. If you experience any of the listed symptoms, please see a doctor.


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